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Why use a Resin Rock microcement shower tray?

A Resin Rock Microment Shower Tray is the industry-leading solution for creating modern microcement wet rooms. Industry professionals have carefully manufactured the product using their expertise from a decade of microcement bathroom installations across the UK - providing their experience to create the perfect microcement wet room tray.

Our knowledge tells us that it is essential to prepare for the installation of a microcement bathroom or wet room. The production of retrofitted shower trays that are often of inferior quality, containing unsuitable materials and fitted to the wrong specifications. Using a Microcement Shower Tray solution eliminates these off-the-shelf risks and ensures you receive a product which enhances your bathroom design.

microcement shower tray

Plastic drains fitted within fibreglass formers used for sheet vinyl are often marketed as suitable for microcement coatings. However, plastic offers an extremely poor bond strength for microcement, resulting in premature failure and delamination around the drain.

To solve this common issue, the range of Resin Rock microcement ready shower trays was developed. Ensuring the exact specifications and optimal construction, allowing homeowners and installers problem-free microcement shower tray installations from start to finish.

Can you microcement a shower tray?

The answer is yes. It is possible to microcement a shower tray.

Microcement, also known as micro concrete, is a thin layer of cement-based material and can be applied to various surfaces, including shower trays. It is a popular choice for shower tray refinishing as it creates a seamless, waterproof finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

Microcement can also be customized to match the colour and texture of your existing wet room decor. If you're considering a bathroom renovation and want to update your shower tray, look no further than microcement.

Resin Rock developed an industry-leading, purpose-built shower tray to enable seamless microcement integrations into your bathroom.  

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